GS1 Item Measurement Service

In a supply chain today there are several points where product data has an influence. The graphic below is only an example of the number of actors that consume data in the supply chain in order to make decisions around a specific product that is traded between businesses:
Supply Chain Infographic
The important data needed for these touch points is captured by the manufacturer or supplier on the GS1 South Africa certified data pool portal, 1WorldSync. Data is then synchronised to the local browsing tool and an XML message is sent to all the retailers.

It is essential to ensure that any data that is published is clean and accurate and conforms to the international standard guidelines.

To assist members with the accuracy of data GS1 South Africa has a facility where we conduct Item Measurement testing and verification of the actual attributes of a product for example the Brand, functional number, product description, net content, weights and dimensions.

This service will check the consumer unit, shrink and outer case up to a weight of 50kg. No pallets will be processed through this service.

What the facility checks

The video below takes you through the process of how we measure products in the Item Measurement department to check for compliance to actual data published.
How we measure products in the Item Measurement department to check for compliance to actual data published.
We then compare this ‘actual’ data to the published information on Trusted Source. Any discrepancies of data are handled between the Item Measurement department and the manufacturer or supplier.

When the data is the same as the published information, a ‘trusted data’ flag is added. In this case the retailer will use the data as it is and won’t need to do verification of the data.

GS1 South Africa, as the only licensed and registered Member Organisation of GS1 Global, adheres to the GS1 GDSN Package Measurement rules to ensure full compliance of the GS1 System of standards.

To book your products for Item Measurement testing contact GS1 South Africa.

Trusted Data, the vital asset for health

At the epicentre of today’s changing healthcare sector, hospitals are pushing forward to provide quality care while faced with a number of challenges such as more regulations, new patient demands and rising costs.

In response, hospitals worldwide are stepping up to harness GS1 standards and technologies to streamline inefficient processes and improve patient safety. They are especially focused on gaining access to trusted product data, recognizing it as a vital asset for the health of their processes and patients.

To understand the impact of trusted product data, GS1 talked with healthcare providers and government agencies from different parts of the world. This paper summarises perspectives about their journeys to transform their hospital or even an entire country’s healthcare system for greater efficiencies, lower costs & improved patient outcomes.

Read the Value of Trusted Product Data that gives perspectives of the benefits from hospitals and government agencies.
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