Today’s stakeholders & consumers desire and demand extensive product data that is of a higher quality than ever before. GS1 South Africa empowers digital evolutions by enabling businesses across industries in SA and over 116 other countries to create online versions of inventory that is as persuasive as experiencing physical products in person. Allowing for global and local partnerships to be formed.

What we do

Register barcodes that revolutionise businesses

GS1 South Africa exclusively generates & issues unique barcodes for products across industries. Providing standards & identifiers that help you stand out to the right retailers & distributors.

Guide the journey to the GDSN

We oversee the process for local retailers to be listed on the Global Data Synchronisation Network, GDSN. Collaborating to connect brands with buyers, sellers with trusted product information.

Transform how data is digitally distributed

Businesses, consumers, patients, partners and regulators all benefit from GS1 standards & services. With increased transparency and a seamless product experience that gives a tangibility & traceability to the digital world of product data, we ensure each brand in every industry speaks the same language, so international is always interconnected & global can thrive with local.

Save you time, effort and money

When everyone uses the same standards, it’s easier to get things done. Just imagine if we didn’t have a standard way to measure time or distance. It’s the same with our supply chain standards. They define ways to store and transfer data so organisations can exchangeinformation smoothly. Supply chain standards save time and money by reducing administration and slashing paperwork. Largely unseen, yet tremendously important, GS1 standards ensure key processes run smoothly in the world’s biggest industries.

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GS1 standards lie at the heart of efficient ‘just in time’ systems. Retailers can track products at every stage of the supply chain, meeting changing consumer demands with minimal wastage and maximum cash flow.



Standards play a key role in delivering exceptional care and maintaining patient safety. From monitoring medication to ensuring optimal use of critical resources like MRI scanners, GS1 standards revolutionise healthcare services, enhancing patient safety by enabling availability of life-saving drugs and in the detection of spurious drugs through track & trace and authentication.

Transport and Logistics

Transport and Logistics

How do you make sure things are in the right place at the right time, and then communicate the status to customers? GS1 standards provide a framework for real-time tracking, traceability and supply chain optimisation.