What is GS1 Barcode Verification?

Quality barcodes means more surety and a less problematic supply chain performance. Testing barcodes through a barcode verifier prevents the costs associated with non-compliance, and promotes stronger trade partner relationships. GS1 will test your barcodes to ensure that they scan the first time, every time.

For the best results, barcodes should be submitted in their final form, however we also test artwork, labels and packaging. We provide either a final report or an interim report depending on the type of barcode submitted for testing. We test on varying aspects – including compliance to global standards, size, colour, print quality, numbering and more.

Once testing is complete, we will provide you with a GS1 South Africa Barcode Verification Report, indicating the compliance of your barcode and if necessary, any changes or adjustments you may need to make.

Benefits of barcode testing

GS1 South Africa, is the only authorised organisation in South Africa to issue GS1 barcodes and is a proud member organisation of GS1 Global which is the world’s largest authority on barcode numbering.

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Better customer relationships

Retailers are increasingly intolerant of products that cause scanning errors. Many of them require GS1 South Africa Barcode Test report as a mandatory step in the product listing process.

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Save time & money

Avoid having to re-design, re-print, or relabelling products due to ineffective or non-scanning barcodes.

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Trustworthy service

As the only authorised South African supplier of globally registered barcodes, choosing GS1 South Africa to test your barcode quality, means you can rest assured that we will test your barcodes using ISO 15416 verification (testing) methods ensuring full compliance to global GS1 standards.

How to apply for Barcode Verification

    • Complete the form – Barcode Verification Form
    • Make the selected payment on the testing service i.e. No. of barcodes for testing.
    • Send request form and proof of payment to services@gs1za.org.
    • Send completed products, artworks or mock designs to GS1 South Africa office for testing.
    • Receive your report which explains the test result and advice on how to improve the quality of the barcode, if necessary.
Note: When registering a new barcode prefix, GS1 SA offers you a complimentary verification report service which tests the quality of your barcode.
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