GS1 is the exclusive source of GTINs & barcodes globally, and GS1 South Africa is the only official supplier in SA.

You may have seen other websites falsely claiming to sell barcodes online, but buying from these sites, results in unverified barcodes & GTINs that are not connected to global or local systems.
Barcode numbers issued by anyone other than an official GS1 member organisation like GS1 South Africa, are often rejected by major trading partners, like Google, Takealot, Checkers & Food Lovers Market.
This results in additional costs like re-packaging, labelling and listing your products, as well as lost sales, wasted effort, reputational damage with your trading partners and incorrect product identification in marketplaces.
GS1 provides a global database in which all active barcode numbers and registered details can be verified. This licence validation tool is used by major South African and international retailers to validate the barcode numbers submitted by suppliers.
Unauthorised barcode resellers undermine the integrity of the GS1 system, creating confusion in the international markets, disrupting the functionality of supply chains around the world.
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