Products need a unique identification number like a GTIN from GS1 to be able to be sold online or in store with the following brands:

Barcode Scans

GS1 barcodes are scanned over 6 billion times daily,
Driving commerce around the globe.

GS1 is the only provider of official barcodes, GTINs & GLNs worldwide and in SA.

Companies have been able to identify, manage & share products since the first barcode was invented by GS1 in 1973. Our barcodes give you the peace of mind that identifiers like GTINs are unique and verified within global GS1 systems like the GDSN.

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Used By All Major Marketplaces

Trusted by retailers like Google & Checkers as well as healthcare providers like Netcare, GS1 standards are used to verify & stock products.

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Manage GS1 Standards Online

Create, edit & manage GS1 barcodes & GTINs online for all your products. with GS1 Activate.

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Expand Business Globally

GS1 barcodes work all over the world across industries, online & off.

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Free Online Support

GS1 support is here to help you with your journey as you evolve.

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