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From pharmaceutical research labs to hospitals & pharmacies, GS1 provides healthcare standards approved worldwide.

The use of our standards in healthcare increases patient safety, drives supply chain efficiencies and improves the traceability of medicines. As GS1 believes patients are entitled to the best care.


Cut costs by reducing waste.


Increase the accuracy of ordering processes.


Improve inventory traceability, visibility and stock control.


Achieve efficient, accurate and targeted recalls.


Optimises supply chain according to patient demands.


Accurate medicine, caregiver and patient identification.

Digitise data to drive healthcare into a safer future for all.

GS1 Healthcare envisions a future where the health industry integrates GS1 standards into supply chain processes for all items, locations & people to drive patient safety & efficiency improvements.

The Global Healthcare User Group brings together all related healthcare stakeholders, to lead the successful development and implementation of global standards in healthcare.

Our mission is to increase patient safety, supply chain security and efficiency, traceability and accurate data synchronisation in healthcare.


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