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GS1 barcodes provide the most trusted data foundations for retailers operating online or off - built to help brands big & small.

For retailers online & in-store, GS1 barcodes & GTINs are the internationally trusted foundation for businesses in SA & worldwide, helping brands big and small uniquely identify their products.


Manage & share verified product data.


Optimise consumer experiences & loyalty.


Comply with regulatory requirement.


Improve supply chain efficiency & resiliency.


Embrace sustainable traceability.


Cut costs & optimise profitability.

Developing digital product data with global systems & standards for over 5 decades, today we facilitate 6 billion transactions daily.

GS1 has a long history in retail and the “beep” of GS1 barcodes is heard at checkouts over 2 trillion times a year. We ensure products that retailers sell are as well represented in the digital world, as they are in real life.

To do this GS1 partners with the retail industry to build stronger product data foundations, based on unique product identity. Together enabling a steady, reliable flow of information, and transparency in operations between suppliers, retailers and brand owners.

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Retail Industry Sectors:


GS1 helps consumers get the right product at the right time. Resolving the challenge of increasing the speed-to-market while keeping track of items with many different attributes like type, size, colour, style and season.

Fresh Foods

GS1 standards help you trace fresh foods from farm to fork. Information can be shared throughout the supply chain to support your business needs and vouch for food safety.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Over 40 years ago, CPG/Grocery retailers helped implement a single standard for product identification- the barcode. What started as a way to speed-up the store checkout, has since become the global language of business.

General Merchandise

The general merchandise sector is facing growing expectations around product safety, traceability and the sharing of accurate data. Whether trading locally or crossing borders, supply chain players today are expected to satisfy industry needs.