GS1 South Africa Alliance Partner Program

GS1 South Africa works closely with companies, who offer products & services which help to achieve compliance e.g. printer plate making, repro houses, graphic design for product packaging and barcode printing such as flexographic , digital , thermal transfer and other printing types , various packaging & substrate options and gives GS1 members peace of mind throughout the process, from the design & production of GS1 compliant barcodes, to the types of equipment & software systems needed , all the way to the correct placement on a particular product type. GS1 SA trains, tests and ultimately accredits the services & processes offered by an alliance partner which gives them the cutting edge over their competitors.

Alliance partners deliver services and solutions that enable quick, efficient, and accurate standards implementation, giving GS1 members the choice to make use of a supplier who is at an expert level and understands barcode types, barcode verification, correct colour combinations and the various print processes and substrates available for packaging.

GS1 Alliance Partners go the extra mile to assist GS1 standards users with accurate standards implementation!

APP member services include:

  • Creation & design of compliant barcodes
  • Plate making & repro house services
  • Barcode verifier equipment & software
  • Label design & printing
  • Barcode generating software
  • Printing & advisory of packaging
  • 2D Barcode applications & support
  • Measuring & Weighing Systems & Equipment
  • Barcode scanners & printers
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APP consultation:

Standards & solutions such as Traceability, EDI & EPC require expert advice and support, speak to GS1 about consulting an alliance partner company to assist your business needs:
  • Barcodes in Healthcare support
  • Electronic Product Classification (EPC) implementation & support
  • Traceability & product recall Support
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
For assistance with traceability, EDI or EPC queries: contact GS1 on 011 777 3300 or email

Become a GS1 alliance partner member today!

Does your business offer services and/or supply products that assist companies to implement a GS1 Standard? Get involved with GS1 South Africa and build your customer base through our accreditation program whilst promoting your business to GS1 members.

Send your details to or call 011 777 3300 to learn more about the step by step requirements to become a GS1 accredited solution provider today!

GS1 Alliance Partner Program (APP), helping industry succeed with standards adoption.

Data Controller directory

The Data Controllers listed on this page are companies or individuals experienced with data loading and publishing, as well as data management on the GS1 data synchronisation system. Knowledge of the GS1 standards are a prerequisite of this subscription. If you make use of these companies, you can be assured that a Data Controller Service Level Agreement is in place with GS1 South Africa, and that a close partnership exists between the parties.

Symbian Data Services

(011) 425 6253
(086) 695 3664
(083) 677 6000