GS1 Global Network

GS1 is a neutral, global network that brings industries, government, academia, regulators, and associations together with collaborative platforms to develop solution-based standards that address the challenges of modern data exchange for each unique business sector.

With local member organisations in 116 countries. GS1 works directly with over 2 million companies, ensuring there is a common language of business around the world, and across every industry from retail to healthcare. Facilitating over 6 billion transactions each day – our barcodes are used for it all; from buying products online & scanning items in-store, to locating the right medication in a hospital quickly enough to save a life.

Global Network

We empower you by providing a suite of GS1’s global standards and solutions, including unique identifiers, traceability tools and data sharing systems. With our global standards, we develop a universal language of business that enables organisations to identify, capture and share information among trading partners in a uniform, structured, seamless and consistent manner.

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