Todays preferred method of learning and training is certainly online at a learner’s own pace and at convenient intervals. GS1 South Africa has enabled the GS1 South Africa E-Funda platform to meet all member company’s needs for learning.

Benefits of e-learning in the GS1 South Africa E-Funda platform:

Bespoke training & education Apply learnings to your business immediately Improve supply chain and operational efficiency Increasing your business opportunities & comply with local and global regulations
Training from the experts Learn industry best practice Saving you money Making trading easier
Learn industry Best Practices Professional & career development Meet your customer requirements

Ask us about:

  1. Introduction to GS1
  2. Introduction to GS1 ID Keys
  3. Introduction to GS1 in Traceability
  4. GS1 2D Migration 
  5. Introduction to the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)
  6. GS1 Standards in Healthcare
  7. and so much more e-learning courses available for industry right now!

    Cost: R 399.00 to R 899.00 ex VAT*

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