Our free monthly webinar offers members essential insights to fully leverage their membership. It provides a comprehensive overview of GS1 standards, ensuring members are well-equipped to implement the standards in their business and meet supply chain requirements.

Areas covered in this webinar:

• GS1 Identifiers: Global Location Numbers (GLN), Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), Serial Shipper Container Codes (SSCC’s) Unique device Identification (UDI)
• Global Registry Platforms (Activate & Verified by GS1)
• GS1 Barcode Types & Colours
• Migration to 2D Barcodes
• GTIN Allocation rules (When to change a barcode on an existing product)
•GDSN Product listing with trading partners (Retailers, Hospitals, Marketplaces etc)

Cost: Free to all GS1 South Africa New Members

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