Get Unique, Global Barcodes and GTINs for your Products

Step 1
Step 1: Determine how many barcodes you need?

An important thing to understand as you're getting started is that each variation of each product you sell requires a unique barcode and that will determine exactly how many barcodes you'll need. Estimate number of barcodes needed using our online barcode estimator.

Step 2
Step 2: Subscribe to GS1 South Africa

Once you know how many barcodes you'll need, your next step is to subscribe to GS1 South Africa. There are several different subscription options based on your barcode needs. Don't forget to plan for future growth and the potential need for more barcodes as your business grows! You can always request more barcodes if you run out.

Place your order, pay online and get your barcodes online.

Step 3
Step 3: Create your barcodes

Your GS1 South Africa subscription includes Activate, an efficient, user friendly way to easily and accurately assign and manage your GTINs and generate your barcodes in one central, secure location.

Prefix Pricing*

Number of items needing a barcode/GTIN** Initial Fee/Once off Entrace fee Annual Renewal Fee - March
1 R 163 -
10 R 1815 R 401
100 R 6308 R 2227
1,000 R 7595 R 4354
10,000 R 8368 R 8902
100,000 R 9142 R 26699
GLN R 163 -
* Fees quoted are excluding Value Added Tax (VAT). * Companies applying from outside the borders of SA do not pay VAT. * A pro-rated annual fee is priced for the rest of the months - View license renewal table
* For additional number banks, instead of the entrance fee an administration fee of R 1570 (Ex VAT).

GS1 Barcodes in South Africa

Barcodes From GS1 - The Creator of the barcode

GS1 South Africa is the official provider of GTINs and barcodes in South Africa and the SADC region. We've been helping companies identify their products since the very first barcode was used back in 1973. You'll receive an official GS1 certificate, giving you the peace of mind that your numbers are authentic & unique.

GS1 barcodes are used by over 2 million organisations of every size, from international household names like Nestle & Walmart to local South African businesses like Tiger Brands, Aspen, Pick n Pay & SPAR.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a large global brand, our standards can power your business to trade seamlessly, efficiently and safely – both digitally and physically.
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA The only authorised South African source of genuine, GS1 global barcodes
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Required by all major local and global retailers
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Recommended by Amazon,Takealot, eBay and Google
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Get our training, online and phone support to trade with confidence

Benefits of Buying GS1 Barcodes in SA

Trust GS1
Trust GS1
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Offices in 116 countries
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA 6 billion GS1 barcodes scanned daily
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA 100+ million products carry GS1 barcodes
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA More than 2 million companies use GS1 standards
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Supporting business for over 40 years
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Your product registered globally
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Only Barcode authorised provider
We Make It Easy
We Make it easy
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Simple, online process
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Get your barcodes immediately
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Your product instantly registered
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Accessed by marketplaces including Amazon
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Barcode images provided
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Required by all major South African retailers
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Recommended by Amazon, Takealot, eBay and Google
We Support You
We support you
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Online and telephone
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA 5-start service
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Highly rated support
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Easy to follow videos and guides
GS1-Barcodes-in-SA Complimentary training provided