50 years ago, the GS1 barcode was scanned for the first time, and since then each “beep” makes it easier and safer to buy and sell products.

Industry leaders came together to transform the way we shop and created the barcode. From that point forward, a simple scan at checkout connected a physical product to its digital identity —and information that could be shared throughout the supply chain and with consumers. For five decades, every beep of a barcode — with GS1 standards behind it—has powered trust for everyone everywhere.
First Barcode Scan

Digital transformation will unlock limitless possibilities for businesses, people and the planet.

Our future has never looked brighter. QR Codes powered by GS1 are transforming the simple scan, opening a gateway of in-depth product information. From an in-store scanner or mobile phone, QR Codes powered by GS1 will create new opportunities to improve business operations, consumer experiences, patient safety and sustainability initiatives.
Digital Tranformation

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