Overview of GS1 South Africa Training Services

Training events are interactive and multi industry capable. Each professionally developed education session is designed to help participants gain expertise in the principles and use of GS1 Standards. Successfully completed sessions for completing various GS1 courses demonstrate a member’s knowledge and credentials to peers, management and prospective employers.

Various Options for Training

Whether a certificate & workshop is needed and preferred to be done On-Site at your offices, or Online in groups of trainees scheduled at suitable intervals. Or an Educational Webinar for specific industry initiatives, our training team is able to formulate training in accordance with member companies needs.

Online Training

GS1 offers access to member to receive a globally recognised certificate of the GS1 systems to completing up to 7 courses which comprise the actual GS1 Systems Certificate which consists of the latest in global standards, online modules available:

  • Introduction to GS1
  • Barcodes- Basics
  • ID Keys – Basics
  • GDSN –Basics
  • Data Quality – Basics
  • EDI – Basics
  • EPC/RFID – Basics

Classroom Training

GS1 Barcode Training Workshop ( In-person or Online)

Whether as a user you are new to GS1 Standards or whether simply in need of a refresher, GS1 members can join us for this one day session to learn the fundamentals of GS1 Identifiers for products and locations. This course covers features like use of GS1 barcodes, Application Identifiers (AI’s), which allows the barcode to carry additional information such as expiration date and batch/lot number, and SSCCs, which identify cases, cartons, and pallets. Discover how to use your licensed GS1 Company Prefix and learn how GS1 Standards can help you identify products, improve business processes, and reduce costs.

GS1 Standards Workshop

If you are familiar with or have more than 6-months of experience using GS1 Standards, join us for one of our exciting courses covering our various standards and the GS1 General Specifications which is the core standards document of the GS1 System. Our team of training staff will be available to answer your questions on using the GS1 Standards in improving supply chain efficiencies, reducing costs, and improving relationships with your customers and trading partners.

GTIN Management Standard Training Workshop

The branding and positioning of products are ongoing and at all times, decisions on when to change a barcode comes up, this workshop allows attendees to get a hands-on understanding of the GTIN Management Standard, which forms the basis on whether or not a new GTIN needs to be assigned, based on changes to an existing product, promotion, or new product introduction. An understanding of the rules is a “must-have” for those that manage GTIN assignment to ensure that any scanned barcode can be associated with accurate, up to date, data.

GS1 AIDC in Healthcare Workshop

Today, healthcare providers need to ensure high-quality patient care matched with thorough managed, well-structured supply chains all whilst saving time and costs, GS1 barcodes and standards are foundational to assist healthcare manufacturer’s distributors, hospitals pharmacies, and more. Regulatory agencies and bodies recognise GS1 standards in more than 65 countries. Join this workshop to learn how to barcode your healthcare products such as medicines and medical devices the correct way to ensure a successful healthcare supply chain between partners.

GDSN Workshop – (In–person or Online)

GS1 offers regular GDSN workshops on using the Trusted Source system. These workshops train and educate data publishers on loading, linking, registering, and publishing your product data. You will also learn to discontinue products and data maintenance. Trusted Source is the system that you will use to register with retailers, and you have to undergo mandatory training before you can use it. Workshops held online.

What you will learn:

  • To understand the link between 1WorldSync and Trusted Source
  • To understand the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN)
  • What the mandatory requirements for publishing data in South Africa are
  • How to use the multiple retailer listing forms and processes
  • How to load, link, register and publish your product information
  • What the features and functionalities of the Trusted Source browser tool are

Company-specific GDSN Workshops

We also offer you company-specific, internal GDSN training workshops if you need private training sessions on your premises. All you need is a boardroom with enough seating for all your delegates, laptops and an Internet connection. If the training is outside of the Gauteng region, then the following will also apply mileage or alternatively flights, accommodation (if required), and car hire and in line with government Covid 19 regulations.