Healthcare providers took centre stage to share inspiring stories on the benefits of GS1 standards

A truly global conference

Around 400 healthcare leaders from 49 countries convened in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, for the 35th global GS1 Healthcare Conference that took place between 25-29 March. An intense week of meetings was accompanied by great engagement on social media from participants.

GS1 Healthcare, our most successful initiative

“We launched our healthcare initiative in 2006 and it’s been our most successful, with the biggest impact on people’s lives all around the world”, said GS1 CEO Miguel Lopera welcoming the participants.

Healthcare providers shared inspiring stories on patient safety

“Healthcare has to be patient-centric so to ensure the very best outcomes. GS1 standards allow us to remain focused and confident that we can deliver on our commitment to patients”, said Susan Moffatt-Bruce, Executive Director at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, US.

“The information that we get from simple scans is amazing. It has changed my life and the lives of my patients. Thanks to GS1 standards, data is meaningful and the potential it gives us still excites me”, said Keith Jones, Clinical Director for Head, Neck, Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery at University Hospitals of Derby and Burton.

Leading global Healthcare regulators and stakeholders were present

Leading regulators took part at the conference, including representatives from the European Commission and the National Medical Products Administration and the State Administration for Market Regulation (China).
Other initiatives regarding the use of GS1 standards were also shared by prominent stakeholders such us USAID, US or IDA Foundation from The Netherlands.

GS1 Healthcare Award winners

“Efficient healthcare is based on sound supply chain processes, but happy staff is paramount for better care. You need to have them involved in implementing barcode scanning so that you can get all the benefits”, said Sotiris Tsiafos, Military Pharmacist and Traceability Project Manager, after receiving a GS1 Provider Best Case Study award. Dr Chikayuki Ochiai, Honorary President at NTT Medical Center Tokyo, received the GS1 Recognition Award for his contribution to GS1 Healthcare efforts.

A new GS1 Standard was launched!

One of the sessions saw the official launching of the new GS1 Application Standard for the Identification of Investigational Products in Clinical Trials.
“It was an honour to moderate the Clinical Trials panel discussion. Many of the manufacturers said they were committed to implementing the new standard this year. This will provide benefits across the supply chain, including full traceability, fewer errors, improved inventory, and leveraging barcodes to ensure better patient safety”, said Mike Meakin, Vice President, Global Quality, Regulatory & Compliance at DHL Life Sciences & Healthcare.

Ethiopia’s herculean traceability marathon

Heran Gerba, Director General of Ethiopian Food and Drug Agency (EFDA), reflected on her country’s efforts implementing a new traceability regulation. “You know in my country we are well known for marathons. This is exactly how we are working on this crucial project. We have long vision spirit and true commitment in ensuring patient safety. Thank you so much for your support along this journey”.

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