Bridging Blockchains: Interoperability is essential to the future of data sharing

The interest in “blockchains” is growing far beyond the hype. It has become apparent that this technology will shape the future and rewrite the rules for personal and corporate finance, medicine, supply chain transparency, identity verification, construction and more.

As a result, “Ecosystems” of companies and solution providers are emerging to focus on specific business needs. As these ecosystems grow, trading partners will be faced with the need to share data across and between a number of different ecosystems, moving beyond point-to-point transactional exchanges and into a realm requiring increased interoperability.

Read this new comprehensive position-paper and learn about blockchain technology, the rise of industry ecosystems, challenges and how GS1 is bringing industry together to begin the dialogue around governance, interoperability and future solutions. The time is now.

Download the paper here.

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